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Newhuadu Business School

Author:林修竹Publish time:2020-01-07Views:735

The Newhuadu Business School is a public business school established based on the donation of 700 million yuan from Fujian Fashu Charity Foundation (formerly Fujian Newhuadu Charity Foundation) in two phases and integrating premium business education resources. With the vision of “evolving into a world-class business school with Chinese connotation” and the focus of internationalization and innovation and entrepreneurship, the School has condensed the working concept of “being integral and seeking excellence, being kind and virtuous”, striving to cultivate high-quality international business talents with innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

The School currently has three undergraduate programs (Finance, Accounting and Business Administration), and master’s programs of Business Administration (MBA, iMBA) that serve “special needs of the country”. There are 57 iMBA students from nine countries along the Belt and Road. Multiple provincial and ministerial research platforms such as the Internet Innovation Research Center and the Efficiency and Productivity Research Center have been established. Business Administration is a key discipline in Fujian Province and a “double first-class” plateau discipline in Fujian Province. The School has been listed as a pilot unit of comprehensive reform for the Outline of China’s National Plan for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development.

The School has built a high-level, international and diversified teaching and research team with Professor Edmund Phelps, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2006, as the backbone. Other members include “Minjiang Scholars” distinguished professors, Tianjin “Thousand Talents Plan” talents, outstanding young scientific research talents in Fujian Province, and well-known entrepreneurs as professors of management practice. The School closely combines cutting-edge teaching research with management practices. 87.5% of existing teachers have doctoral degrees; teachers with vice senior or above titles account for 83%, and 95% of teachers have the experience of studying abroad and in domestic high-level universities. The teachers have published more than 340 papers, including 31 articles in SSCI, 15 in SCI, and more than 70 in core journals such as CSSCI and EI, etc.; published 24 monographs and teaching materials; presided over 26 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and 9 scientific research projects at or above the departmental level; obtained 9 scientific research awards at municipal and departmental (and above) levels, including 3 second prizes and 1 third prize in the Fujian Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award.

The School adopts a professional training model integrating accounting and finance. The major of Business Administration adheres to the combination of internationalization and localization, and actively promotes AACSB international certification to strengthen first-class major construction. The courses are taught in small classes, 80% of which are bilingual. The original English textbooks are used for the professional courses. Each class is provided with a doctor as the head teacher. Besides, diversified and menu-style courses are offered for students: ACCA & CFA international characteristic class, innovation and entrepreneurship seed class, research star class, financial big data training class (including quantitative investment and private banking). The School attaches importance to use of international cases, and hence introduces Tsinghua University case library and Harvard case teaching into the classroom. The first-class teaching facilities, such as financial laboratories, global video centers, and network cloud platforms, offer a high-quality educational environment.

The School is devoted to creating international cooperation and exchange platforms. For example, it has built research platforms together with the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Duke University, Columbia University, and National Chengchi University in Taiwan. In 2018, it signed an agreement with the University of Science, Malaysia to jointly develop a doctoral program and joined the WIISE Alliance. The School has adopted the “3 + 1” or “3.5 + 0.5” training mode for seven consecutive years, and has established a complete Fashu scholarship system. It has supported 618 undergraduates to Peking University, Nankai University, and Taiwan National Chi Nan University for exchanges and learning, expanding cross-cultural perspectives, and achieving dual improvements in academics and abilities.

30% of the undergraduate students have gone to Columbia University, University of Southern California, University of Edinburgh, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics for postgraduate study. With an employment rate as high as 100%, the graduates tend to be employed by financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, government agencies, etc. The salary level of graduates is among the highest in Fujian Province.

Centering around talent training, the Newhuadu Business School gathers efforts in the four projects: “Party Building Pilotage, Talent Project”, “Three-All Education, Excellent Project”, “Targeted Learning Aid and Warmth Project”, “Integrity and Rounded Personnel Development, Cultural Project”. Brand activities such as “Red Classic Reading Club”, “Fashu Charity Volunteer Teaching”, and “Growth at Peking University” play a leading role in talent training, team building, teaching, scientific research, and contribution to the society, etc.

The innovation-oriented School will continue to stimulate the energy of innovation, striving to achieve the goal of growing into a first-class School.