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School of Economics and Management

Author:林修竹Publish time:2020-01-07Views:642

The School now consists of four departments, namely the Department of Economics, the Department of Management, the Department of Management Science and Engineering, and the Department of Tourism. It is one of the largest colleges in Minjiang University. In 2019, the School was selected as a pilot unit for comprehensive reform of “all-out, thorough, and all-round education” in undergraduate universities in Fujian Province.

With prominent disciplinary advantages and superior school-running conditions, the School boasts three first-level disciplines: Business Administration, Applied Economics, and Management Science and Engineering. The discipline of Business Management, co-established with Newhuadu Business School, is a provincial key discipline and a discipline under the provincial plateau discipline construction plan; Management Science and Engineering is a university-level plateau discipline, and Applied Economics a university-level specialty discipline. The School sets up 8 majors, including International Economy and Trade, Taxation, Financial Management, E-Commerce, Logistics Engineering, International Business, Tourism Management and Hotel Management. E-Commerce and Tourism Management is a characteristic specialty under provincial targeted poverty alleviation, and the specialty group of Cross-Border E-Commerce is a provincial demonstrative and application-oriented specialty group. According to the result of preliminary evaluation of first-level majors in Fujian Province in 2019, E-Commerce ranks second, and International Economics and Trade ranks third.

The School owns the provincial collaborative innovation branch (E-commerce Branch of 6 • 18 Collaborative Innovation Institute of Fujian Province) and humanities and social science research bases of provincial universities, such as “Marine Tourism Research Center” and “Research Center for Fiscal and Financial Development in Haixi”. The Internet Innovation Research Center of Characteristic New Think Tank for Universities in Fujian, Research Center for Fiscal and Financial Development in Haixi and Marine Tourism Research Center actively provide services such as decision-making research consultation, project evaluation, and planning and argumentation for Fuzhou’s economic and social development. Besides, thanks to the advantage of characteristic specialty under provincial targeted poverty alleviation, the School has signed a cooperation agreement on targeted poverty alleviation with the government of Yongtai County, and built China’s first safety education and training base under the National Post Office and Post Industry Safety Center. In recent years, the School has trained more than 200 people for the Fuzhou Post Office and other departments. The School has sponsored and organized the following international and domestic academic conferences in succession, including the 2nd Annual Conference of International Construction Research Alliance of High-Level Application-Oriented University Business Schools, Haixi Puhui Finance Forum, and FujiaN Academic Annual Conference of Financial Reform and Innovation and High-Quality Economic Development.

The School enjoys superior teaching conditions. With a total equipment value of 10.11 million yuan, the Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center has 17 laboratories, including a provincial experimental demonstration center and a provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center. The ample practice teaching resources enable students to enjoy a comprehensive, and experiential practice teaching system and practice teaching environment. Meanwhile, measures such as the industry-education integration, in-depth involvement of enterprises in student practice, and university-enterprise industry-research cooperation offer important guarantees for the cultivation of high-quality application-oriented talents.

The School boasts professors with rigorous scholarship, profound attainments and outstanding achievements in scientific research, as well as young and middle-aged academic backbones with active academic thoughts. Currently, the School has 103 faculty members, including 84 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 14 professors, 47 associate professors, 24 doctors, 53 masters, and 54 double-position teachers. There is 1 leading talent in philosophy and social sciences under the Special Support High-level Talents “Double Hundred Plan” of Fujian Province, 2 candidates of New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan for Fujian Provincial Universities, 1 Minjiang Scholar, 7 Mindu Scholar Distinguished Professors, and more than 10 high-level talents such as Mindu Scholar Top Talents. A young teacher won a prize in the teaching competition for young teachers in colleges and universities in Fujian Province. In the past three years, the School has won or participated in: 1 second prize of provincial and ministerial higher education teaching achievements, 6 educational reform projects at the provincial level and above, 1 provincial excellent resource-sharing course, and published three monographs and textbooks. In the past five years, the School has undertaken more than 110 scientific research projects of various types, including 3 national-level projects and more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level projects. More than 200 academic papers have been published, including more than 10 papers received by authoritative journals such as SCI and SSCI, and more than 30 papers received by core journals such as CSSCI.

The quality of talent training has gradually improved. Currently, there are more than 1,800 full-time undergraduates. Over the past five years, students have participated in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and subject skills competitions such as the “Internet +” and “Challenge Cup”, winning a total of 92 national awards and 73 provincial awards. The students have participated in more than 40 innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, including 12 at the national level and 25 at the provincial level.

The Party Committee of the School promotes the league building through party building. The party building and student management are characteristic and outstanding in achievements. If has promoted the branding of “Beacon Party Members Action” and obtained the title of “Fujian Model Party Branch”. It is now a pilot unit of all-out, thorough, and all-round education in Fujian Province. The Youth League Committee of the School has been awarded “Fuzhou May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee”, “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee Demonstration Unit of Minjiang University”. The e-commerce poverty alleviation practice team has been awarded the “Outstanding Social Practice Team of Summer Volunteer Activities for the Country People”.

Through continuous refining and upgrading, the School has implemented the fundamental task of fostering integrity and promoting rounded development of people in an all-round way, and built a all-out, thorough, and all-round education system, promoted ideological and political construction of the curriculum, and built three specialty groups (specialty group of cross-border e-commerce, specialty group of tourism management and specialty group of comprehensive finance and tax). Based in Fuzhou and with market orientation, the School has formed certain advantages in running schools, which highlight the training of high-quality application-oriented talents. The quality of talent training has been well received by all sectors of society.